Megan & Murray McMillan
ArtLies, Contemporary Art Quarterly, Winter 2010, Issue 67

Rocket Scientist: Potter-Belmar Labs interviews Anjali Gupta
Emvergeoning, Nov 23 2009

Media Archaeology Festival
...might be good, May 8 2009, Issue 122

Prodigal Son: Potter-Belmar Labs interviews Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Emvergeoning, Texas, May 22 2009

Easy Rider: Potter-Belmar Labs interviews Matthew Drutt
Emvergeoning, Texas, April 21 2009

by Chris Kubick, Anne Walsh, Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens
Art Lies Contemporary Art Quarterly, Spring 2008, Number 57.


Time for Contemporary Art to Shine
by Elda Silva
San Antonio Express-News, February 27, 2011

Live Cinema Summit: A Review of Real-Time Audio-Visual Performance
by Alessandro Imperato Ph.D.
Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus, Summer 2010, V.06 N.01

Death of Contemporary Art Month Parade, on the River
by Gene Elder
Voices of Art Magazine, Volume 17 Issue 1, 2010

Is he dead? Sit you down, father. Rest you.
by Hills Snyder
Art Lies, Contemporary Art Quarterly, Summer 2010, Issue 66

The Front Row
by Catherine Lu
KUHF, Houston Public Radio, March 30, 2010

Character analysis at Death of CAM Parade
by Julie Garcia
Art Beat, San Antonio, Texas, July 30, 2009

Photo slideshow of the Death of CAM Parade
San Antonio Express-News, July 27, 2009

Artists send CAM out in style
by Benjamin Olivo
The Downtown Blog, San Antonio, Texas, July 26, 2009

CAM era: Contemporary Art Month's new school
S.A. Current, San Antonio, Texas, June 24, 2009

Entrepreneurial artists raising the city's new media profile
by Donna J. Tuttle in San Antonio Business Journal, April 4-10 2008, Volume 22, Number 9.

Leslie Raymond identified in the Women of Influence
supplement to the San Antonio Business Journal, March 7-13, 2008, volume 22, number 5.

Art, digital technology will merge to light up Luminaria
by Dan R. Goddard in San Antonio Express-News, March 12 2008.

Interview with Potter-Belmar Labs: Building A Better Tomorrow Today
by Michelle Gonzalez Valdez Glasstire, Texas, October 2007

Potter-Belmar Labs at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York
Roger Smith News, New York, September 2007

Interview on Interactive Technologies
WCBN, Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 17, 2007

The Best of San Antonio 2007
S.A. Current, San Antonio, Texas, April 25, 2007

Space and Time Cadets
by Elaine Wolff
S.A. Current, San Antonio, Texas, April 25, 2007

Southtown renewal efforts
by Rachel Stone
San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, Texas, April 22, 2007

Either You Are With Us...
by Elaine Wolff
S.A. Current, San Antonio, Texas, August 9, 2006

Potter-Belmar Labs Does Battle
by Amanda Tigner
City Pulse, Lansing, Michigan, January 26, 2005

At Home on the Edge
by Christopher Potter
    Ann Arbor News, 8/3/03 p. C1

‘Uncle Art’ Creates a Delightful ‘Playground’
by John Carlos Cantu
Ann Arbor News, 8/3/03 p. C1

Free Range Cinema
by Rob Nelson
City Pages, Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, May 21, 2003

Hallucinations become actual in ‘Illucination’
by Paul D. Dickinson, for Pulse of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis.

by Patricia Briggs
    New Art Examiner, October 2001, p. 88

  Just a peephole on Fourth Ave.? Think again
The University of Michigan News and Information Services, March 14, 2001

‘Peephole’ offers view of chaos within
The University Record, March 19, 2001

VHS Meets the Louvre: Video Culture, Three Decades of Video Art
by Jessica B. Smith
    Current, Ann Arbor MI, September 2000, p. 11-13

by Josh Steichman
    Current, Ann Arbor MI, August 2000, p. 11

The Secret Life of Crows
by Rebecca Kendall
    Room Magazine, Windsor ONT 6/8/00, p. 12