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Potter-Belmar Labs is Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens,
collaborating artists since 1999.


spokeNine + vjFutureWorkerGirl
prize-winning live cinema performances
videos, performances, and documentation See our work on our Vimeo page.
Four Combinations
randomly-chosen wooden coins determine the contents of this live two-screen cinema performance
A Meteor Falls
live two-screen with PBL video and found footage of recent meteor over Russia
Infinite Suns 2
music video for a Naked City Cinema song, Ritual Abuse
Thirteen Views in Arid Lands
multi-channel video installation in two peephole cabinets
I Am Curious (Remix)
live two-screen remixing of I Am Curious (Yellow) and (Blue)
Mystery of Time
live performance of time and psychedelia
San Antonio Casts a Spell
video installation of South Texas hexes
Mixing Chamber
March 2008
video and sculpture installation in collaboration with San Antonio artist Stuart Allen
West Coast Tour
fortune-telling through audience-participatory live cinema
Exquisite Corpse
Autumn 2007
exhibition of drawings made by playing the classic Surrealist drawing game with over thirty San Antonio artists
Improvised Cinema
Potter-Belmar Labs at the Lab
Autumn 2007

installation performance at The Lab at the Roger Smith Hotel
in New York City
Three Aethers at
the Center of the
Spring 2007
our first sculptural installation since the summer of 2001
Pandora's Bike
Spring 2006
a video short telling the story of a lady looking for her lost bike, in three chapters
Pandora's Unicycle
Summer 2005
live performance of a new work by Potter-Belmar Labs
settings + characters
Spring 2005
eleven video shorts for screening, installation, and performance
Amelita Destruction
Autumn 2004
video short, recording from an improvised live cinema performance
Low Voltage Collection
Spring 2003
six short video works created for the Low Voltage Film Festival in St. Paul MN, and shown internationally
Nine Questions
Winter 2003
multimedia extravaganza
Exquisite Corpse
Autumn 2002 & 2003
exhibition of drawings made by playing the classic Surrealist drawing game
Autumnal Equinox 2002
Autumn 2002

our wedding at Art Farm, Nebraska
The Return
summer 2001

a shelter dug into and built onto the Nebraska prairie providing shelter and social space
Two Possibilities
spring 2001
video installation illustrating the phenomenon of charged parity violation-- unaccountable asymmetries charted at the subatomic level
field trip: Fermi National Labs
spring 2001

report in words and image
Tiamat v. Marduk
winter 2001

storefront window installation embodying the four-thousand-year-old Babylonian creation myth
Portraits of a Spectator Nos. 1-3
winter 2001

three human-scale representations of film-festival goers (amalgams as opposed to anyone specific); each has a peephole through which to see video, and each has sound
Twa Corbies
autumn 2000

six-minute video exhibited as interactive installation, as well as single-channel projection
Dual Observation Cabinets
autumn 2000

two handsome wooden cabinets and two video illusions
summer 2000

series of 50 educational leaflets publixhed and distributed by PB Labs
A Gametic Ontology of Crows
summer 2000

mixed-media installation exploring nine aspects of crow personality
autumn 1999

interactive sound installation mapping out the lovers' bedroom

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